Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Priorities for College Ministry (work in progress)

My 4 priorities for The University at Canyon Creek (work in progress)
  1. We want students to be come "book people." People who live, breathe, quote, know, and love God's Word.
  2. We want students to go with God through spiritual disciplines. When students own their spiritual growth then the growth is stronger and deeper than when it is based on a teacher's influence and presence.
  3. We want students to engage the questions, challenges, opportunities, and topics they face with biblical truth and with all their hearts.
  4. We want students to go with God on the adventure he has for them no matter the risks or costs because he is worth it.
Is this too intellectual? Too knowledge-based?

Does the third priority define the need for students to not just know but to love and to do?

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