Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Recap

  • Finished True Spirituality. If you are going to read one book other than the Bible this year, read this one.
  • Finished Ancient Highway. Bret Lott is one of the best living writers. He's so good it's hard not to be envious.
  • Finishing our Philippians series. This has been good for me personally and skill-wise. I've worked out some kinks in my teaching and cemented some of my convictions of about the teaching-learning process.
  • Excited about the new series on Spiritual Disciplines-Bible reading and Prayer. This is about as foundational as I can get, and I'm sure we'll return here regularly. I found this week that out of all the books I'm reading (5 or so), my favorite is my duct tape-covered ESV Bible.
  • Writing a story scene for a friend to work with. He asked for something he could illustrate and turn into a story. I got the idea from last month's National Geographic.
  • Finished third week of my push-up challenge (Max Test this weekend). I'm excited about reaching a hundred. This discipline is really good for me along with riding my bike to work.
  • Matt Chandler asked this week, "What stirs your affections for Christ?" I've been making my own list of things that stir up and things that lessen my affections for Christ so that I can maximize the things that stir it up and remove the things that lessen it.

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