Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Morning Routine

Wake-Up (2 1/2 hours before work)

Brew Coffee, Make Breakfast, Check Google Reader for news

Read my Bible, Pray, Meditate on Memory Verse for the Week

Do Yoga and meditational breathing exercises (just kidding)

Study for the GRE (30 mins)

Read for my Reading Project (15-30 mins)

Get ready for work, load up my bike, and ride 1/2 mile to work.

*I've also been making Emma's breakfast somewhere in there.

I love mornings, coffee, breakfast, and studying. So I make this my most productive part of the day. That means I can be helpful and attentive to Emma when I go home after work. Before I started this routine, I tried to wrangle free to go read and study in the evenings. I think she finds me more relaxed this way.

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