Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend Update

  • 700+ people in attendence for the Concordia University Freshmen Induction. We played host to their first ceremony of the year.
  • 250 Freshmen
  • 200+ gifts put into their hands welcoming them to the area and our church.
  • We're excited about the relationships we're building with faculty and staff. I'm excited about the ministry relationships we'll have with the students and the partnerships we'll have with the school.
  • I'm excited about spending time with the theology faculty. One specializes in C.S. Lewis. He invited me to sit in on his classes anytime and to go to an upcoming Lewis forum.
  • Emma and I went for a walk across campus last night just for exercise and to see the campus (we live next door). A student stopped us, and we spent a while talking, touring the campus, and meeting other students. God has given us a lot of favor with that school.
  • In a dorm room, we caught the end of a mindless but hilarious show called, "Hole in the Wall." It was very funny and very stupid--men in silver suits contorting themselves through holes in the wall.

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