Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Best Section of the Library

My favorite section of the library is the "young adult" section. That is the side filled with Mark Twain, Jules Verne, J.K. Rowling, Lois Lowry, Louis Sachar, C.S. Lewis, etc. Those are the books that kept (and still keep) me up at night because I can't put the book down. I like to browse the young adult sections of bookstores too because I know that some of them are classics waiting to be discovered.

I found a new one. It's called, The City of Ember, and Emma and I decided to read it aloud to each other instead of trading reading time.

*The movie version comes out tomorrow, and Walden Media, the company that made Ember and the movie versions of Narnia, picks some amazing books to turn into movies. So it's always a good idea to pick up whichever title they are working on. Your almost assured a great book.