Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Soup Tuesday-a little bit of everything

  • We watched WALL-E for the first time yesterday. It is a great movie and a masterpiece of storytelling. It's got to be one of Pixar's best movies because of how much it moved me. Some of their earlier movies are more entertaining-The Incredibles and Monster's Inc. But WALL-E had me smiling, dreading, cheering, and having fun with the characters.
  • Emma and I read The City of Ember to each other last week. We were reading over each other's shoulders one night, so we just decided to read it aloud and stop competing. It's another great story.
  • I reread From the Ground Up: New Testament Foundations for the 21st Century Church. That's a great book because it corrects my thinking that the church is a building or meeting time.
  • My GRE score is going up. I've got less than two weeks to go and am studying hard. Emma rolled her eyes when I said, "I got one question wrong because I thought the antonym of dour was modish and not blithe." She has forbidden me to use the words I'm learning like tyro (it means amateur).
  • I picked up The Reason for God from the library. As soon as I finish with my GRE study, I'll begin this book while trying to finish Confessions.

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