Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Coffee Coworkers

I started work at my coffee shop this week. This is completely different than the last time I worked in coffee. Now, I have goals for my time here. I'm planning on staying, learning, and making a difference, not just a paycheck.

More than my love of coffee and working with people, what excites me is that my business has a direct connection with the poorest people in the world. I don't have to donate money to a worldwide charity to help people whose lives are marked by poverty, disease, war, and a lack of education. Those people are my coworkers. They are the growers and harvesters in South America, Africa, and Indonesia. When I sell coffee, I'm selling their products. When I sell Fair-Trade coffee, I'm helping them send their kids to school and get medical care when they are sick. I'm helping free farmers in Columbia from having to grow for the drug trade.

My coworkers also live in some of the most gospel-forsaken countries in the world. Someday, I'd like to raise more than their standard of living

Until then,

J.F. Radosevich

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