Friday, April 27, 2007

For Whatever It's Worth, Thanks

Two conversations I've had recently sparked my thoughts about my inheritance from my parents.

A professor told me that Barnes & Noble is like heaven for him but that he gets lost and confused in Home Depot.

I could not understand that thanks to my Dad. Because of him, I can fix a toilet or teach a class. Because of him, I can hold my own in a conversation and on a basketball court. Best of all, he introduced me to black coffee.

A few people know my plans about changing schools and fields, most of whom wrinkle their faces and ask, "Why?" When I told my Mom yesterday that I may want to get a Ph.D to teach philosophy, she said, "That''s sounds crazy. For whatever it's worth, I think you should do it." She added, "Don't explain it to anybody. Just do it."

For whatever it's worth, thanks.

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KristenRea said...

Finding new blogs makes me happy! Reading old posts from new friends can entertain me for hours on end. :-)