Monday, April 30, 2007

A Sister, A City

The jokes flew fast and thick this weekend. Sara, my 18 year-old sister, visited Jared, Shannon, and I for the weekend. We hung out and showed her the city and what we do in it. But there were times I had no idea where the comments, movie quotes, and weird ideas came from (especially the ones I came up with).

It was awesome to hang out with her, talk with her in a coffee shop after church on Saturday night (it's hard to do that in a big family when I'm home only for weekends every few months), and show her that we live in one of the coolest cities in the world.

I used to think that Fort Worth was just a bar town, but I've found that it's awesome if you are creative and adventurous.

I don't like tourist hot spots, but we stopped at the Stockyards for a few minutes to show her the one required stop in Fort Worth. A cannon exploded 100 yards from us when we got out of the car. The girls almost dove under a nearby car. Jared and I looked around for the shooter and thought we'd have to jump him. It was just a Civil War reenactment, but the cannon was a stupid idea considering the public shootings of late.

The coolest place we showed her was the Amon Carter Museum. Where else but Fort Worth do you find a world-class museum that is free?

My favorite pieces in the museum:

The Outlaw—Frederic Remington. It is a sculpture of a bucking bronco and a rider. The rider's center of gravity is slightly forward, causing the bronze statue to appear in motion.

The Grass Fire (Backfiring)—Frederic Remington. The firelight effects in this painting are incredible.

White Birch (I think)—Georgia O'Keeffe. O'Keeffe's colors are so vivid that it looks like the paint will drip onto the floor.

Also, it's not King Cake season, but we requested one, and Mom sent the best I've had. She said it was a mistake. She can keep sending mistakes my way.

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