Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lucky 13

The newest Radosevich arrived this morning. The stork dropped John Vincent Radosevich off between 8 and 9 am this morning. He is my brother, not my son.

The Rundown

21 (inches long)
13 (He is the thirteenth child)
7.7 (weight in lbs/oz)
7 (He is the seventh son)
2 (Number of weeks early he was born)

He is in ICU right now because his lungs need to develop, but there have been no serious problems.

Differences between John and I:

He was born 8420 days after me.
He is 122 cm smaller than I am
He weighs 78,073 grams less than I do.

"With more kids, love is not divided; It is multiplied."
Paul Radosevich

Welcome to the family, big guy.

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