Saturday, August 04, 2007

No More Default

Someone told me last month, "You're a single, 23 year-old guy. You should be living it up."

I don't think she quite meant all that it implied, but I started thinking about that option. I found that "living it up" is the default for me and my friends.

My job is my only real responsibility and my money and time go to my hobbies, clothes, and travel. For some of my friends, "living it up" is cars, drugs, and strip clubs.

I realized that default is living for myself, for ourselves. I found that it is expected and even rationalized as "enjoying what God gives us."

Then I found this.

I will let them explain.

"The Junky Car Club is a car club whose members are learning to live with less so we can give more. We're a bunch of happy drivers that are politely rebelling against consumerism by driving junky cars. We encourage our members to use their dough to support social justice causes instead of making fat car payments. Junky Car Club members sponsor kids who live in poverty through Compassion International and help other great organizations. We believe in environmental stewardship and hangin onto things a little longer."

"The Junky Car Club was established in the spring of 2006 when the president of our club Mike, decided to sell his fully loaded Infiniti G35 sports car to drive a junky 1993 Toyota Camry. In an act of rebellion against consumerism and the desire to give more to worthy causes, Mike began to enlist his friends and associates to join him in this experiment of driving with less and giving more. The Junky Car Club currently has members from the US, Australia, Singapore, England, and New Zealand."

That is not default. That is true living.

"You don’t need to know a lot of things to make a lasting difference in the world, but you do have to know the few, great, unchanging, and glorious things that matter and be willing to live and to die for them."
-John Piper

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