Monday, August 13, 2007

What I'm Listening To

I usually write about what I'm reading. I'm still thinking, but this time my thoughts are reflected by the music I'm listening to. Here is a sampling (They are in the order of my playlist).

1) Dark Haired Darling, Josh Bales--Josh was a friend of mine early in college, and I found his music on iTunes recently. This is a very catchy song about a girl who is hard to hold onto. Even while happily single, I need love songs.

2) Only the Sinner, Josh Bales--This song says that only the sinners and never the good, Jesus saves.

3) A Hymn for All the World, Josh Bales--This is a prayer for our brothers and sisters around the world. All of Josh's songs are simple, eloquent, and singable.

4) From the Inside Out, Hillsong United--We sang this at MFuge in Canada. My time at Fuge every year fills me up with rich, intense, beautiful worship songs.

5) Tell the World, Hillsong United--This simple commitment to 'tell the world that Jesus lives' was the soundtrack to our time in Canada. I will always picture our last night. 300 people. Fists pumping. Jumping. Dancing. Committing.

6) Carried to the Table, Leeland--Grace carries us where we don't belong, at the table with Jesus.

7) Sunday, Bebo Norman--Another love song. 'It just feels right, kissing you on a Sunday.'

8) Bring Me to Life, Bebo Norman--This has an odd driving rhythm. It is a call of dependence. If I am to live, Yahweh, you must bring me to life.

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