Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The New Adventures of Joseph and Emma

I rode a tornado the last two weeks.

The numbers:

3000 miles driven
50 hours worked
17 dozen eggs colored, hidden, and found
8 states visited-including towns like Moscow, Hope, and Mt. Pleasant
2 sermons preached
1 proposal of marriage
5 "yes's" to that proposal

Yes, I'm engaged now, and this is the start of a new adventure. Emma's my best friend. I love the times we talk about books, dreams, God, and stupid jokes that no one else would get or laugh at. We fit together. But we're learning that God isn't just making us happy through each other; he makes us holy through each other.

We spent a great weekend with my family in Alabama. We didn't want to go home because they are such fun and so supportive and loving. The Indian Poker games, wrestling matches on the trampoline, coffee conversations with my parents, and the massive egg hunt were such fun. And it's exciting to see my family starting a new and exciting adventure of their own.

And the adventures keep piling up. I'm moving this weekend to Austin and beginning a new job in a new city where I know only my real estate agent. It's pretty fun to make such big changes.

The story of this adventure is that God lasts and doesn't change no matter how often the scenery or circumstances change. He doesn't give up on us or leave us.

Jeremiah 31

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