Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Good Life: Part Two

When I was asked "what is the good life?," money didn't occur to me until I asked some friends at work. As I listened to their answers, I realized that the question is supposed to be about money and defining financial peace. It's really a question asking, "How much is enough?"

Well, I screwed that question up. I'm actually embarrassed that I didn't think of money as if I either have enough or am too spiritual to care about money. Here is how I answered Brennan:

"I probably would answer on two levels. On one level, the good life is family and friends who walk through life with me--challenges, fun times, etc. It is movie nights with cake, ice cream, and a crowded sofa. It is road trips to the beach with high school friends. It is a long, hard conversation with someone I care about who is hurting. So I'd say that people and good relationships make the good life. On another level, I can't talk about the good life without Jesus who is life and brings dead people to life--real life with God. So I guess the good life for me is about relationships with people and with God through Jesus."

A life without family, friends, and Jesus would be poverty to me. I'm not embarrassed of that.

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KristenRea said...

I don't think you missed it at all. I think you got it. Really got it. I give a CCWJC lecture about "women in need" and discuss that there's more than one kind of poverty. (We identify 7 or 8 actually!) We are way too quick to associate poverty with money.