Monday, October 01, 2007

Scattered Quotes

These quotes aren't themed like I usually post. But they caught my attention and make me think.

John Piper spoke at conference calling for Christians to never give up. Here are a couple of quotes that beg for a response, for movement:

"John 21:19. Jesus told Peter by what kind of death he was to glorify God. There are, evidently, different ways to die. But for Christians all of them are to be performed in a way that makes God look like our treasure, heaven our home, and the world worthless in comparison. We must treasure Christ, which is the essence of believing in him. If you don't want him to come back, then you don't believe in him (2 Timothy 4:7-8). And treasuring Christ manifests itself when we pour out our lives in love towards others."
"What does it mean to show Christ as glorious as we grow old in America? It means making a radical break with the rest of our generation, a generation that is dying from retirement. Retirement is the world's substitute for heaven, but we have a different Sabbath rest. Don't waste your last chapter. "
In a request for prayer for some upcoming conferences, Louie Giglio wrote,
Pray "that the story of Christ’s rescue will be well told in every place and students will see what it means to be connected forever to their Creator."
Some people mistake rescuing for the whole gospel. There are other beautiful aspects that we shouldn't neglect, but Jesus rescued us from the kingdom of darkness. That is good news.

Pray "for every Regional and World gathering that people will embrace Jesus, be stunned by His greatness and seek to reflect that majesty in every facet of life."

Hearing the gospel should stop our hearts and take away our breath. Be stunned by His greatness.

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