Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The House of Joe

I dreamed of having a coffee shop during my time in Fort Worth. I dreamed aloud. Friends and I came up with many drink names, standards, and quirky specifics for this place I dreamed of. Let me show you around.

Welcome to The House of Joe


  • A little
  • A moderate amount
  • A lot

We prefer that you bring your own cup or use ours “for here.” But we also have “to go” cups available if you need one.

Specialty Drinks

  • Something for My Sugar Daddy—White Chocolate and Maple with Our Hand-Crafted Espresso shots blended with perfectly steamed milk
  • The Yellow Rose of Texas—An interesting mixture of hot Dr. Pepper and espresso. Unusually good.
  • Depth Charge—Fresh Brewed Coffee with a shot of our perfect espresso.
  • Sweet Caroline—Vanilla, Carmel, and Espresso blended with creamy milk topped with velvety foam.
  • John Wayne—A many-sided drink. Hot, Lukewarm, and Cold. Sweet, Creamy, and Strong. Vanilla, Espresso, and Cream.
  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee—Coffee with Chicory hot brewed into sweetened condensed milk and poured over ice.
  • Dolche de Vida Leche—Roughly translated “The Sweet Milk of Life.” Caramel, Steamed Milk, Whipped Cream, and Caramel Drizzle.

Our house coffee is always ground and brewed when you order it. We use pour over drip cones with a gold cone filter. Pick any coffee from our menu.

Try our house coffee—Jacob the Bow-Legged Bandit's Texas Roast. It's sturdy and strong like the state it's named for.

We have a book of the month pick. They are handpicked by the owner every month and meant to enthrall, provoke, and sometimes infuriate. You just might find your next favorite book.

Each weekend we invite a local theater class or group to do a dramatic interpretation or reading for us. Every summer we listen as a local storyteller narrates the world's greatest epics.

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